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Our story


In 2016


Patrik Hamšík

It began a few years ago when we launched a PH – Herbal cosmetics project that focuses on the production of natural and medicinal cosmetics for practical use on painful joints or eczema. This project is designed to help people with health complications or pains who want to treat themselves naturally. It is combined with health counseling using traditional Chinese medicine, in which individual herbal mixtures are mixed for clients.


As time went by, we thought it would be useful to use our knowledge and experience to build the first Czech and at the same time fully natural men´s cosmetics. From the knowledge of herbal power and the knowledge of the effects of natural substances, we bring a cosmetics that would be in all directions assembled for the best final effect for consumers. We take advantage of the best of modern science and 5000 years old teachings on Chinese medicine that have described nature empiricaly. We believe that in the harmonious connection of Western and Eastern approach to health, lies, in our present situation, the best possible care for ourselves.


Our personal view is that we are actually in the revival of the true essence of manhood. Many women say, that men are not what they used to be, that they lose testosterone and are slowly becoming a “woman”. Do you feel the same way? We certainly do not, so we want to prove to women, that they are wrong. We see many amazing men around us, whether fathers of boys. They try to be responsible, loving, authentic and deep. We see men going after their mission, their vision. And exactly for these men there is a brand VIRO with its products. They support these men, give them power and energy to stay themselves even in difficult situations when they have to make a big decisions.