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Be so amazing that you cannot be ignored

419  - 30 ml

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Nourishing beard oil

Beard oil VIRO is created on the basis of many years of experience in the production of quality natural cosmetics. It contains thoroughly selected natural oils and essential oils that enhance and stimulate the beard to grow and shine. It delivers both you and your beards self-confidence and strength.

How does it work?

  • promotes beard growth
  • prevents its dryness and brittleness
  • the skin under the beard is pleasantly hydrated and does not itch

Purely NATURAL composition

This beard oil contains 5 carefully selected natural oils. The individual components take care of both external protection and internal beard nutrition. It contains avocado and almond oil, which have beneficial effects on itchy and irritated skin under the beard. It is supplemented with essential oils that will refresh you and encourage you to another great day.


419  - 30 ml

In stock, shipped within 2 days